Take care about the following matters

We have collected together information on inquiries frequently made by subscribers and on engaging in your daily lives with comfort and peace of mind.

Use your health insurance card correctly and manage it carefully

Beware of loss or theft!
—Losses are increasing.

Beware of the loss or theft of your health insurance card (health insurance insured person certificate).
Your insurance card records important personal information and can potentially be used for personal identification. Unlike credit cards, the use of your insurance card cannot be suspended. Please manage it carefully so as not to lose it.

Should your insurance card be lost or stolen, it may be used illegitimately by a third party. Please report your loss or theft immediately to the police. In addition, promptly submit a reissue application to the health insurance society to receive a reissued insurance card.

*Should you find the insurance card you lost after its reissue, please return the insurance card that you found to the health insurance society.

Matters on the handling of your insurance card
  1. When you are issued an insurance card, please confirm such recorded matters as your name, date of birth, and gender and record your address and organ donor intent, as appropriate, on the reverse side.
  2. When there are changes to recorded matters on the front of the card, promptly submit a notice of change to the health insurance society.
  3. Always take your insurance card with you when visiting a hospital.
  4. Promptly return (within five days) your insurance card when you lose eligibility. Beware! If you receive medical care using the insurance card of the society when you are not eligible, you will need to repay the portion paid by the health insurance society.
  5. It is illegal to lend or borrow insurance cards. Illegitimate use will be punished according to criminal law.
  6. Please manage your insurance card with care. Guardians are asked to carefully manage the insurance cards of their children.
Traffic accidents involving bicycles are increasing

I don't need insurance since it is only a bicycle
—Is that what you are thinking?

A bicycle is a vehicle (light vehicle) according to the Road Traffic Act.
Bicycle users violating the law and causing traffic accidents will face criminal liability.

If you injure another person, you will be liable for damage compensation under civil law.

In recent years, there have been an increase in cases where damage compensation claims of close to ¥100 million are made against people guilty of bicycle accidents. Bicycle accidents involving subscribers and their children are also increasing for the health insurance society.

Please be aware of the risk of being involved in traffic accidents and, to be prepared for an unexpected accident, consider subscribing to an insurance policy.

If you are planning a trip overseas

If I become sick while overseas, it won't be a problem since my credit card comes with overseas travel accident insurance.
—Is that what you are thinking?

Given how high foreign medical expenses can be, the compensation amount of credit cards is worrisome.

Although health insurance policies in Japan include coverage of foreign medical expenses, since 70 percent (or 80 percent) of the estimated cost of receiving the same medical treatment in Japan is returned, this is not sufficient to cover expensive medical treatment received overseas.

Buying overseas travel insurance is an important part of being prepared for sudden illness or injury. To be prepared for unexpected illness, consider subscribing to overseas travel insurance.