2022/11/29 新型コロナとインフルエンザの同時流行に備え 抗原検査キットと解熱剤の事前準備を【Comic@News】Prepare for simultaneous outbreaks of COVID-19 and influenza: ATK(antigen test kits) and antipyretics in advance.

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Entering the year 2022, the number of influenza cases is rapidly increasing in Australia and East Asia in the southern hemisphere. In particular, the influenza epidemic situation in the southern hemisphere is often helpful in predicting the subsequent epidemic in Japan, suggesting the possibility of a major influenza pandemic in Japan this season. In addition, with the easing of restrictions on entry into Japan from overseas since October 11, international human exchange has increased, creating conditions conducive to a simultaneous pandemic of new coronavirus and influenza.
On October 13, the government announced new measures to avoid a shortage of medical care in the event of a simultaneous outbreak of a new coronavirus and influenza. If symptoms such as fever are observed in people from junior high school students to those under 65 years old who are at low risk of serious illness, they are encouraged to register with the prefectural "Health Follow-up Center" for home care if they test positive for the new corona antigen test kit, and even if they test negative, they are advised to consider online medical services or visits to their family doctor if they wish to receive medical treatment. In this context, they are urged to purchase in advance an antigen test kit for the new coronavirus and antipyretic and analgesic drugs for self-checking at the time of fever, and to avoid visiting an outpatient fever clinic as much as possible.
On the other hand, children under elementary school age, the elderly, people with underlying medical conditions, and pregnant women, who are considered to be at high risk of serious illness, are urged to promptly visit an outpatient fever clinic or their family doctor if they develop symptoms such as fever.
Continue to take basic measures such as wearing a mask when talking, washing hands frequently, and disinfecting hands.
Reference: (Japanese only. You can obtain the information from Japanese page with a translation tool.)
List of pharmacies handling medical antigen test kits (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)

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