2022/12/12 【再々々掲・更新あり/Updated】マイナンバーと健康保険証の連携について/Linkage of Individual Number and health insurance card

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PwC Japan 業務委託先)
株式会社ワークスビジネスサービス PwC Japanグループ マイナンバー事務局PwC端末専用)

To all insured persons and dependents,

From March 2021, the usage of your "Individual Number Card" as your health insurance card became available if you apply it via MynaPortal, the Online web service regarding Individual Number Card.  In April 2023, it becomes mandatory for all medical institutions to install a special purpose device, with which they verify the eligibility of patients’ health insurance.

PwC Health Insurance Society receives individual numbers of insured people from PwC Japan HC regularly.  If your individual number is not provided, your "Individual Number Card" is not able to be used as your health insurance card.  

Kindly be noted that you can use your health insurance card just the same as before only if your individual number is provided and linked with your health insurance card.  Otherwise, the clinic clerk might request you to certify your membership at PwC Kempo, or to pay 100% of the medical expenses at the clinic pay counter. 


Inquiries regarding "Individual Number Card" and "MynaPortal"
The city office

Inquiries regarding submission status of your individual number
Works Business Service Co., Ltd. (Mynumber outsourcing company) (PwC loaned devices only)

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