2023/11/15 【更新あり/Updated】マイナンバーと健康保険証の連携について/Linkage of Individual Number and health insurance card

English follows Japanese.

PwC健康保険組合では皆さまのマイナンバーをPwC Japanから取得し、健康保険の資格情報に紐づけしています。マイナンバーと健康保険の資格情報の紐づけが完了していない場合、保険証の種別を問わず(*1)、医療機関でオンライン資格確認(*2)をしたときにその有効性が確認できません。『有効性の確認ができない』 という理由で、医療機関の窓口で医療費の10割負担(*3)を求められる場合があります。マイナンバーを法人・会社に提出していない方は、早急にご提出ください。(*4)

(*4)マイナンバー提出に関する詳細(PwC Japan 業務委託先)
株式会社ワークスビジネスサービス PwC Japanグループ マイナンバー事務局PwC端末専用)

To all insured persons and dependents,

PwC Health Insurance Society obtains your Individual Number (“My Number”) from PwC Japan and link it to your health insurance qualification. If the linkage between your My Number and health insurance qualification is not completed, regardless of the type of insurance card (*1), the validity cannot be confirmed when the medical institution personnel make inquiries via the online qualification verification system (*2).
Please note that there may be cases where you are required to pay 100% of medical expenses at the medical institution's counter due to the reason of "cannot confirm validity" (*3).
If you have not submitted your My Number to PwC Japan, please submit it promptly (*4).
You can check your registered health insurance card information by going to "My Information" → “健康・医療" → "健康保険証情報" → "最新の情報を取得" on your own Mynaportal.

(*1) From March 2021, if the necessary procedures are completed, your My Number card can be used as a health insurance card. For details, please refer here
(*2) From April 2023, online qualification verification is mandatory for all medical institutions in principle. 
(*3) If you pay 100% of medical expenses, you can be reimbursed at a later date. However, the process of reimbursement of medical expenses involves the collection and mailing of all necessary documents by yourself, examination by external auditors, manual examination by PwC Health Insurance Society, and it is a burden in terms of time and cost. Please submit your My Number to PwC Japan so that you can avoid paying 100% and being reimbursed the expenses later. The reimbursement procedures
 (*4) Details regarding the submission of My Number at PwC Japan
Works Business Service Co., Ltd. (Mynumber outsourcing company) (PwC loaned devices only)


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