2021/03/31 2021年4月1日以降の被保険者証等の記載事項について/Description on health insurance cards, etc. after April 1, 2021

(English follows.)
被保険者 各位



・健康保険 被保険者証
・健康保険 高齢受給者証
・健康保険 限度額適用認定証
・健康保険 限度額適用・標準負担額減額認定証
・健康保険 特定疾病療養受領証


Insured persons,

 For the following [Certificate to be changed] issued after April 1, 2021, in addition to the current household KIGOU(記号) / BANGO(番号), a branch number (two-digit number that identifies an individual) will be printed.

This is due to the introduction of "online qualification confirmation", which allows you to receive qualification confirmation with your insurance card or My Number card when receiving medical treatment benefits at insurance medical institutions.

[Certificate to be changed]
・Health Insurance card
・Elderly benefits card
・Maximum Co-Payment Certificate
・Maximum Co-Payment Certificate / Certificate of Standard burden reduction
・Certificate to receive treatment for specific diseases and disorders

◆ Insurance cards that have already been issued (those without a branch number printed on them) can be used as before and will not be reissued.



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