2019/09/27 【REQUEST】Free trial of the medical consultation app [clintal]

To all insured persons

Would you try for the medical consultation smartphone chat app “clintal” that our association is considering a corporate contract ?

It is an application that you can ask questions to a nurse about slight physical condition,  mental problems and major illnesses.
In addition, nurses will find a hospital that is easy to visit and has a proven track record when it is necessary to go to the hospital based on the results of a medical checkup or when you have a serious illness.
(Contents of the consultation can only be viewed by nurses of the application provider.)

We hope that you can judge whether the app is useful.

Period covered: October 1, 2019 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2020 (Tuesday)
* A questionnaire will be conducted in the beginning of January 2020 regarding the results of use within the target period.

Benefit: Use of the chat app (usually 500 yen per month) free

How to use: Go to download the app from ( and select “Corporate Member (法人会員)” when registering as a member.
At that time, enter the “法人コード” =>  [   pwc026   ].
* If you do not have a smartphone, you can also use it from a PC. []
* Please use from a personal smartphone.

Other: A questionnaire will be conducted in early January 2020.

Inquiries: Please contact ( for inquiries regarding application contents and usage.

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