2019/02/01 平成29年度付与分のカフェテリアポイントの有効期限について(ご注意ください!)/Expiration of Cafeteria Points granted during fiscal 2017

対象ポイント: 平成29年度(平成29年4月1日から平成30年3月31日)の付与分
有効期限:   平成31年3月31日まで(期限前に退職する場合は退職日まで)
注意事項: 健診関係、保養所、旅行等は実施日が利用日となります。


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This is to remind you that the Cafeteria Points, which members can spend on the Cafeteria Plan or optional exams during health checkups, are good for a finite term and have expiration dates.
Note: Large numbers of users try to access the system on March 31 each year, resulting in server congestion. Since March 31 falls on a Sunday this year, IT and other staff will not be available to deal with questions or difficulties. If you have cafeteria points due to expire on March 31, we recommend that you aim to redeem them by March 27.
Please review the following information and use these points to maintain and promote your own health.
Points to which this reminder applies: Points awarded during fiscal 2017 (April 1, 2017, through March 31, 2018)
Expiration date: Points are good through March 31, 2019 (or through the date on which you leave the company, if such date falls before the expiration date)
※On the upper right of "the cafeteria plan screen", the number of available points and
the number of schedule points to be revoked are displayed. please confirm.
Caution:  When you use points to pay for health checkups, use recreation facilities, for travel, or other such purposes, please note that the points will be deemed to be used on the actual date on which you use the service. Note that points are not deemed to be used at the time at which you make a reservation or appointment.
                 If you use points to buy health supplies or other goods, the points are deemed to be used on the date such order is placed or purchase is made.
                 For more information, contact Cafeteria Customer Service (tel. 0570-075-708).


About the Cafeteria Plan
Under Health Insurance Law, health maintenance services consist of health education, health consultations, health checkups, and other events and classes planned and implemented by the Health Insurance Society to maintain and promote the health of insured persons and their dependents. In many cases, not all individuals may have equal access to such services.
To ensure that insured persons have access to a broad range of such services, the Health Insurance Society offers certain health maintenance services in a Cafeteria Plan format. Insured persons and their dependents are encouraged to choose from a menu of services provided in line with the content of health maintenance services, using points granted to prevent disease and promote health.
Notes on use
The Cafeteria Plan system allows insured persons and dependents to exercise their own discretion in choosing and using the services they need. The system is available 24 hours/day for the convenience of our users. Please choose carefully when choosing services or purchasing products under the plan.
Note that the Health Insurance Society will not be liable for providing compensation for any accidents, injuries, or other incidents resulting from use of services under the plan.

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